Dr. Farbman works hand-in-hand with your dentist to ensure that you receive quality dental care. Frequent communication via telephone and letters with your dentist provide both doctors the opportunity to share in your treatment and ongoing maintenance. This also enables Dr. Farbman to return you to your family dentist's care as soon as possible. Our mission is to enable you to halt the progression of periodontal disease, restore your gums and bone to its healthy condition and to do this in a comfortable, secure environment. He continues to work closely with your dentist after treatment is completed.

Our office only treats periodontal disease and related disorders which has allowed us to develop enormous experience and knowledge to help your specific problem. Since we routinely treat these conditions, we deliver optimal results with the greatest comfort. We also provide exceptional preventive services to help avoid future need for treatment.

For your protection and ours, our office follows a stringent sterilization protocol. Our procedures meet and/or exceed federal regulations for health care providers. All instruments used in your mouth are either disposable or are scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned and then autoclaved under steam and pressure to ensure sterility between patients. We routinely wear masks, gloves and protective eyewear for procedures. We realize that every time you visit our office you place a very special trust in our hands and we do not take this trust lightly.

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